PhD. Karina V. Evgrafova


Head of the Phonetics Laboratory

Saint-Petersburg State University

July 2012 – 2014

Associate Professor

September 2003 – Present  

Professor of Phonetics, Phonetics Department, Saint-Petersburg State University

Courses Taught: English Phonetics: Sounds and Intonation, the Introduction into General Linguistics, Text-to-Speech Synthesis, the History of the English Language

Researcher at the Phonetics Laboratory

September 2007 – June 2012 

Leader of the team responsible for the construction of database for the Russian unit selection synthesis (the project is held within Federal Research and Development Program financed jointly by Russian Federal Agency for Science and Innovations and Speech and Speech Technology Center ( 
Project started in April 2007 and finished in October 2009. Major aim of the project was to develop a new Russian TTS system that provides highly natural synthesized speech. Natural speech means good acoustic quality (provided by the US technique), expressivity and “linguistically”correct reading.
2011 Researcher at " Acoustic Characteristics of Fatigue Speech" project (A Saint-Petersburg University grant)
2011 Researcher at "Russian Speech of Canadian doukhoobors: segmental and prosodic features (A Russian Federal grant) /The Inluence of the Russian background on segmental and prosodic characteristics of the Saskatchewan doukhobor language/

2009-2012 Researcher at "Phonetics of Singing" project


  1. German
  2. French


  • 2003-2006 post-graduate studies at Phonetics Department, Saint-Petersburg Iniversity, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), 2003 – 2006

  • Saint-Petersburg State UniversityPhD, Phonetics, Speech Technologies, English, 1998 – 2003


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